Our Rabbi

Rabbi David Benchlouch attended the Jerusalem Midrash Sephardi Rabbinical College and the Strauss-Amiel, Beren-Amiel, Ner Le’elef and Ma’arava rabbinical training program for rabbis of the diaspora. Inspired by his close relationship to his mentoring Rabbi Yakov Peretz of Jerusalem, Rabbi David is visionary and affluent in pursuit of broadening Jewish awareness, affiliation, and identity amidst his sphere of influence. Following the pioneering footsteps of Rabbi Sam Kassin and Rabbi Shlomo Risking, Rabbi David can be found debating Jewish thought and Halacha involvement in charity appeals and engaging in field work promotions for the community: anything to ignite the passion of a Jewish soul. In as much as he believes in focusing on a large target market, Rabbi David finds the unique one on one connections with congregants appealing and highly effective.