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This site may seem ordinary but it really isn’t. Our synagogue service may sound the same but it’s not. Our youth and children’s group can feel identical to others but it’s quite different. If not for the way we speak, pray, or socialize then to why we do what we do.

Our history is already teaching us about our future. It is where we come from that motivates us to indulge and discover why our families did what they have.

Why are we so deeply invested in our tradition? Because they are part and parcel for the reason to our survival. We were always there firmly holding on to the reins of ancestry for guidance and reassurance. We don’t want to re-form our ways. We want to rediscover our innate talent. We are motivated by and our mama’s and papa’s.

Our synagogue is our soul. Our tunes and food, our Tefilah and Torah holds us together and uplifts us to the tasty, wise, funny, brave and successful people we have always been. Our synagogue is condensed with love and life to serve your every need. We have classes and group gathering for all ages. That’s all great but the good news is – we’re constantly growing!

We believe in what our founding fathers have affirmed: “If you don’t grow better and wiser you are most likely to go dry”. We filter and water our body and soul all the time with our young and dynamic Rabbi, Rebbetzin.

We have about five new families that join us every year and have a vision of a bright and secure future ahead.

So welcome to the one and only Sephardic site in Cape Town!

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